Instructions of G4Testing for CapGemini

What is Computer-Based G4testing for CapGemini:

A being administered computer format of the G4Testing for CapGemini. Test questions appear on the computer screen. Candidate will select -- by pointing and clicking a mouse -- the answer they believe is most appropriate in response to each question asked. It is not necessary to have previous computer experience. A 5 min practice test before the actual test gives you familiarization needed to take the test on computer, such as using a mouse, scrolling text up and down on the screen, and using the testing too.

G4 Aptitude Testing for Recruitment G4ATR) for CapGemini:

The G4ATR® for CapGemini is a standardized assessment test and checks the general aptitude. Each individual test that is administered contains the same format and areas of content. The test is comprised of two compulsory sections- quantitative, and reasoning. Each of these areas is measured using different types of questions that have specific instructions for each. It is important to recognize that the G4 ATR for CapGemini evaluates skills and abilities that develop over relatively long periods of time. The idea of computer based test is to bring transparency in term of testing, offer equal opportunity, stop malpractice and loop holes of paper based test.

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